CECOG – as a non-profit organization – has
been conducting clinical trials for more than 10 years.

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Besides our trial related activities we also concentrate
on education and the definition of quality standards.


The most recent publication was in Lancet Oncology 2013,
where the results of a metastatic breast cancer trial
(with 560 patients) have been published.

  • CECOG: Our Mission

    We strive to interact with the highest esteem for each other and with the overriding aim to improve the well-being and fate of patients.

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With the aim to coordinate clinical trials in oncology according to the standards of Good clinical Practice in the area of Central- and Southeastern Europe, the foundation of CECOG was laid in 1999.

CECOG’s range of activity is not only limited to the conduct of clinical trials but also concentrates on education and the definition of quality standards in regard to the care of patients with malignant diseases.



Univ. Prof. Dr. Christoph Zielinski

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