“When everyday life changes, new paths must be taken and new horizons opened up.”


In order to meet new challenges, the Central European Cooperative Oncology Group has developed the CECOG Academy online

The CECOG Academy online provides the following options for highest level continuing medical education:


  • Virtual Meetings and Congresses: This concept is analogous to the hitherto very successful concept of CECOG Academies and Perceptorship Programs, but is translated into an online and virtual form. Top speakers report on the latest topics and developments in oncology supplemented by meet-the-professor sessions (i.e. small group discussions), panel discussions and case presentations.
  • Webinars: modern, interactive webinar experience which engage learners through immersive video, audio and content sharing, multi-way idea exchanges, Q&A and polling.
  • Educational e-platforms: An integrated set of interactive online services that provide a community of learners and facilitators with information, tools and resources to support the delivery and management of teaching and learning activities
  • An Archive and an E-Library provide the access to all presentations and webinars.


The CECOG Academy online provides and guarantees


  • EACCME accreditation
  • compliance with research ethics recquirements
  • compliance with data protection legislation
  • copyright arrangements for the ELM
  • data privacy of the learner


CECOG Academy online is dedicated to virtual delivery of highest level continuing medical education in oncology.