CECOG has also proved to be a quality-oriented body with clearly defined decision lines acknowledged and certified by both governmental inspections and industry-driven audits.

All CECOG sites are subject to co-monitorings and a smooth and correct
conduct of each trial is therefore guaranteed.

During the past years, CECOG successfully underwent the following inspections and audits:

    • Quality Assessment – Eli Lilly, September 2004
    • Quality Assessment – Eli Lilly, January 2005
    • Audit – Novartis, November 2004
    • Site Inspection – AGES (Austrian Health Authority), April 2006
    • Site Audit and CECOG office audit – Eli Lilly, April 2007
    • Quality Assessment – Merck, November 2008
    • Site Inspection Romania – FDA, March 2009
    • Site Inspection Serbia – MOH, September 2009
    • Site Inspection Israel – MOH, September 2009

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