At the moment there are no further Tumor Boards planned.

Accelerated by the impression of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, CECOG proudly announces the expansion of its Virtual Transborder Tumor Board Platform.

Initially designed as a platform for the safeguarded virtual discussion and presentation of cancer patients, their diagnoses, treatments and resulting side effects, the TIGER Platform has aimed to guide oncologists from Central and South-eastern Europe (CEE).

Under the impression of the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we consider it very important to invest in and expand the TIGER platform.

In addition to our Tiger Tumor board, which covers all tumor entities, we are launching a Breast Cancer Tumor Board focusing on very challenging breast cancer cases from our sites in more than 15 countries.

TIGER is CECOG’s Cross-Border Initiative Anticipating the Tumor Board Future.

CECOG has formed a strong network of clinicians coming from various countries of Central and Southeastern Europe aimed at raising awareness on the enormous impact of immune oncology in the treatment of malignancies in the geographic region which unites us.

The goals of TIGER are:

  • improving the understanding of the immune system and its role in cancer
  • information on outcomes of immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICPI) treatments in various indications
  • information on options of combination therapies to ameliorate treatment outcomes with currently available clinical examples and an outlook on upcoming options
  • use of immune checkpoint inhibitors in special clinical situations
  • management of side effects

Meetings and web-based cross-border tumor boards are the cornerstones of TIGER to realize the mentioned goals.