CECOG Observer Dr. Ana Cvetanovic

Ana-Cvetanovic,-M.D.Dr. Ana Cvetanovic from Nis, Serbia, was the first CECOG Observer. The following is the feedback which we received after her six weeks stay here in Vienna:

“First of all I want to thank CECOG for granting me the fellowship and that I was given the great opportunity to spend six weeks at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) from January 18th to February 28, 2015.

Prof. Christoph Zielinski, President of CECOG and Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at the AKH and Prof. Thomas Brodowicz as Director of CECOG and their oncology team are globally recognized as leading experts in tumor management and I was very lucky when they agreed to accept me as an observer. It was an amazing opportunity for me to improve clinical and scientific skills and I feel deeply honored by the willingness, the kindness and helpfulness of the whole team. In the course of my stay at the University Hospital Vienna I had the outstanding opportunity to participate in writing protocol synopsis and to observe the work in one of Europe’s leading cancer clinics, equipped with the most modern facilities for diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The CECOG Observership was for me a very enriching experience that definitely improved my scientific development. It also gave me a chance to acquire skills that will be helpful in my future career development as a physician and scientist.”

CECOG Observer Dr. Artur Mnatsakanyan

Dr. Artur Mnatsakanyan from Moscow, Russia, the 2nd CECOG Observer, started his training on 11 May 2015 and stayed until 19 June 2015.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to CECOG for organizing and granting the fellowship in Vienna General Hospital. These six weeks were without a doubt a great time which unfortunately came to end.

 I was delighted to get acquainted with such outstanding experts as Prof. Christoph Zielinski, President of CECOG and Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at the AKH, Prof. Thomas Brodowicz, the Director of CECOG, and the whole oncology team as well. Many thanks to Prof. Matthias Preusser, Prof. Gerald Prager and of course to incomparable Prof. Manuela Schmidinger, who treated me really friendly, taught me a lot during discussions of different clinical cases and inspired me to writing the synopsis concerning renal cell cancer. I cannot help mentioning the preceptorship course that she organized which was absolutely fantastic.

 This observership gave me a unique opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in the fields of oncology that will be useful in my daily practice as a doctor and a scientist. Moreover, I had a chance to improve my skills in German language while communicating with native speakers.

 I am very thankful to my Austrian colleagues and wish you all good luck in your hard work.“

Dr. Artur Mnatsakanyan.

CECOG Observer Filippos Koinis, MD

Dear all,

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for granting me the CECOG fellowship at the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) in the General Hospital (AKH) of Vienna and for the opportunity I was given to be part of an educational institution of this caliber.

Before applying, I was convinced that Prof. Christoph Zielinski (President of CECOG and Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at the AKH) and Prof. Thomas Brodowicz (Director of CECOG) with their team could guarantee the best possible Oncology training. The CCC’s commitment to training leaders in Oncology is evident by the accomplishments of its members, which speak for themselves.

Indeed, I was not mistaken. Working alongside some of the most esteemed oncologists in Europe upgraded the level of my clinical competency and gave me valuable insight into how oncology should be practiced. I was really impressed by the all-embracing clinical experience and the research opportunities that are provided to the fellows. I had the opportunity to be trained in the fields of rare tumor types such as sarcoma, alongside Prof. Brodowizc and CNS tumors, alongside Prof. Marosi and Prof. Preusser. Furthermore, I enjoyed being with Prof. Prager, Prof. Bartsch and Prof. Füreder that taught me a lot from their vast experience in the field of cancer management. I am much obligated to Prof. Zielinski, Prof. Brodowicz and Prof. Prager for the time they spent to advise me on my career path.

Finally, I was greatly attracted to the atmosphere of camaraderie that pervades your fellowship program, being fortunate enough to meet kindhearted people who I can from now on hopefully call friends.
All in all the time spent in AKH will always be remembered as a very enlightening and productive experience that will definitely support my future endeavors. The staff’s –including Mrs Just and Mrs Rosner- warm hospitality and friendly disposition made the whole experience all the more enjoyable.

Kind regards

Filippos Koinis, MD, PhD candidate
Medical Oncologist
University Hospital of Heraklion

CECOG Observer Maksim Barmotska, MD

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for granting me the CECOG fellowship at the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) in the General Hospital (AKH) of Vienna and that I was given the great opportunity to spend five weeks at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) from April 25th to May 28th, 2015.

It was a valuable experience to attend the in- and out-patient departments in AKH chaired by renowned experts in oncology, discussing the available scientific knowledge and its implication in the everyday practice and who at same time, were interested in my learning experience.
I enjoyed the wide range of cancer localizations discussed, including clinical trials design, predictive and prognostic markers and their practical significance. Working and learning with the as leading experts in tumour management in Europe: Prof. Christoph Zielinski, President of CECOG and Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at the AKH, Prof. Thomas Brodowicz as Director of CECOG, Prof. Rupert Bartsch, Prof. Gerald Prager and their oncology team who motivated people in that splendid and picturesque place of the world, developed unique atmosphere of inspiration.

I am sure this duration of stay was a milestone for me. The first reason is I became additionally more enthusiastic about cancer research and the second one is that I met with professor Thomas Brodowicz who gave me so much inspiration to be involved in research community.
Finally, fellowships like this one was are best way to get to know researchers and doctors and it can be a beginning of your dream.

Kind regards,

Research associate, MD,
Maksim Barmotska

Prof. Preusser on Young Oncologists

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