• CECOG Announces Widening of Organizational Structure

    With the beginning of the new year, CECOG is proud to announce a marked widening of its organization including its Management as well as its Clinical Trial  Structure. This widening will result in an increase in strength of administrative and clinical trial flows, quality control and – importantly – of CECOG’s scientific abilities within the field of clinical trials. Simultaneously with this step, CECOG not only aims at the inclusion of officers of important standing, but also wants to underline its willingness to face ever widening challenges in the arena of clinical trials in Europe in general and in the geographic of CECOG in particular.

    CECOG’s new structure:

    In addition to Christoph Zielinski and Thomas Brodowicz with the year-long support of Ursula Fischer and Dagmar Just, CECOG‘ structure will now consist of the following fields and officers:

    Christiane Thallinger, Chief Executive Officer

    Scientific Affairs – Establishment of Program Directorships: 
    Metastatic Breast Cancer: Christoph Zielinski and coworkers
    Lung Cancer: Christoph Zielinski and coworkers
    Colorectal Cancers and Pancreas Cancer: Gerald Prager
    Upper Gastrointestinal Cancers: Matthias Preusser
    Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Thomas Brodowicz
    CNS-Cancers: Matthias Preusser

    Educational Affairs:
    CECOG Fellowships and Education: Matthias Preusser

    Study Management:
    Sabine Wieseneder, CRA

    We all ask you for your continuing support and look very much forward to a continuous growth and further development of the successful history of CECOG which was made possible by your remarkable help.