CECOG‘s activities are meant to result in the emergence of the Central and Southeastern European region as a clinically and academically relevant point of gravitation in oncology, by

  • setting-up an operative cooperation between centers dealing with clinical oncology within the area including:
    • the assessment and harmonization of regulatory measures on a supranational level, and
    • the creation of possibilities for infrastructural interaction and interaction of objectives with each other as well as with pharmaceutical industry and coordinating bodies,
    • the creation of a link with important other cooperative groups within Europe and North America and conduct large intergroup trials resulting in the proliferation in the number of conducted clinical trials
    • the definition of educational standards;
  • designing and conducting highly innovative clinical research projects thus leveraging the standards of both clinical research and treatment of patients with cancer in the region;
  • participating in large randomized clinical trials of high quality and relevance;
  • implementing quality standards via the establishment of monitoring procedures according to the guidelines of ICH/Good Clinical Practice (GCP), introduce high-tech electronic devices for diagnostic assessments, communication, validation, training and for quality control;
  • defining new important treatment standards nationally, regionally and internationally by distribution of information concerning results of trials to the medical community within and outside of the geographic area resulting in the acknowledgment of the centers within this area as active, creative members of the international oncologic community;
  • implementing quality control in and amelioration of treatment of patients with cancer, further access to new effective drugs within the said geographic region by the pursuit of principles of GCP as well as state-of-the-art and highly innovative procedures both in terms of treatment and diagnosis;
  • mobilizing resources available for clinical oncology and self definition of the medical speciality in the mentioned countries;
  • ameliorating postgraduate education and training in clinical oncology within the said geographic area.

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