Clinical trials

Clinical trials are the key to developing new methods to prevent, detect and treat cancer.

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Focused on highstandard post gradual education.

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Governmental Affairs

CECOG`s initiative aims at the availability and access of diagnostics means and access to cancer drugs in CSEE Countries.

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World Cancer Day

On the World Cancer Day 2019, the Central European Cooperative Oncology Group (CECOG) and the Aspen Institute Romania want to remind the public that access to cancer care is not equally divided in Europe with Central and Southeastern Europe being largely less well served than countries in Western Europe. Thus, CECOG and the Aspen Institute Romania have launched an initiative to bring international agencies, patients, oncologists, politicians and payers together to seek for solutions to this disturbing fact. With the first such meeting having been held during the Austrian EU presidency in Vienna in November, the group will now gather again during the Romanian EU presidency in Bucharest on March 29, 2019, to continue talks and come up with solutions.

Mission Statement

CECOG has been formed to unite centers of clinical oncology from Central- and Southeastern Europe as well as Israel into a body devoted to conducting clinical trials and providing postgraduate education in oncology. We, the Scientific Board and the members of CECOG, want to design and conduct controlled clinical trials in clinical oncology according to guidelines defined by Good Clinical Practice, perform these trials meticulously and analyze their results with the utmost scientific care. We strive to interact with the highest esteem for each other and with the overriding aim to improve the well-being and fate of patients.



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